UWI Astronomy Club

The UWI has an 11" Celestron telescope

We meet in the ESL (Embedded Systems Lab) once a week.

we meet briefly for orientation instruction
We move the telescope and transport it to the Library roof....
there is a concrete stairs at the back of the main Library that goes to the roof.

We remain in the ESL (Embedded Systems Lab) .... for an Astronomy lecture... and planetarium projection display.

The following points should be considered by students before getting involved:

1. You cannot expect to see the objects in the telescope like they appear in books and magazines because they do not appear that way to the human eye regardless of the size, weight or cost of the telescope. Cameras collect the light over time and your eyes do not.... realistically, the objects will be faint and in many cases hard to see.... and you will not see any colors.

2. Visual astronomy is about learning the star patterns and constellations and therefore your appreciation of astronomy does not require access to a telescope only, with the supplied software and a low power binoculars you can begin a lifetime of observing.

It is further hoped that Club Members will be able visit other "dark sites" around the island.... a van can be arranged to take everybody to Frenchs, St Peter.. Mount Clapham and my own "backyard" (both in Christ Church).

Please contact me directly if you are interested in astronomy..... Call 230-4818 or 266-8027

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